A patient’s condition and diagnosis can only be determined through a comprehensive picture. Patients suffer when systems are not connected or communicating. But access to data is not enough. Health care providers need access to the right data, at the right time, with the right context and granularity. By connecting hardware, such as medical devices, with an electronic health record (EHR), it is possible.

Communication failures and alarm fatigue have been the #1 Health Technology Hazard three years in a row. The overabundance of alarms and noise can be overwhelming and reduce the quality of patient care. Now, the National Patient Safety Goal from The Joint Commission requires hospitals to establish alarm safety as an organizational priority.


CareAware is EHR agnostic and vendor neutral. We enable interoperability between medical devices, health care applications and the electronic health record, regardless of vendor.

CareAware® workflow solutions leverage an enterprise platform that can aid in safer patient care and efficient clinical workflow. CareAware can expand your hospital’s connected ecosystem with industry leading solutions for device integration, communication and mobility, patient/family experience improvement and enriched viewing.

CareAware removes data silos to create unparalleled connectivity. We have extensive technical expertise and vast experience analyzing, designing and implementing complex solutions that deliver value for health care facilities. CareAware can provide a comprehensive picture with device connectivity, alerting intelligence and care team communications.

Build on your HCIT investment no matter which EHR you use. We support over 800 devices and have over 50 certified partners for a unified purpose of optimal workflows. With CareAware, health care organizations are poised for the constant evolution of health care.

Device Connectivity: We do more than simply connect devices to the EHR. With CareAware’s workflow-driven architecture, devices are integrated to provide an automatic flow of information for health care professionals to consult the medical record as the single source of truth™. This ensures the right data is presented in the right format at the right time to improve health outcomes.

Alarm Intelligence: We do more than simply alert. CareAware provides alert prioritization and escalation, as well as reports on alert volume and utilization. Our programmatic approach is designed to analyze and categorize your alarm environment and provide the tools and information to make an impact.

Care Team Communications: We do more than basic communications. CareAware unifies clinical communications while providing role-based experiences. CareAware provides an efficient means of communication through HIPAA compliant texting and phone communications on a smartphone.


CareAware solutions are proven to connect with multiple EHR systems and are leading the way to greater interoperability between medical devices and patient data. 2014 HIMSS Analytics reports CareAware leads market share among US hospitals with intelligent medical device hubs. Over 1,500 facilities and 100,000 beds have selected CareAware across the globe.

CareAware workflow solutions are built on the CareAware iBus® framework. The strength of the CareAware iBus foundation is reflected in its KLAS scores.

Two offerings on CareAware iBus platform are CareAware Connect™ and CareAware Alarm Management. After a recent deployment of these solutions at Nash Health Care’s emergency department in Rocky Mount, NC, Nash realized substantial improvements in care team collaboration, staff satisfaction and perceived noise levels.

*62% improvement in satisfaction with communication technologies among Registered Nurses at Nash Health Care.

Leveraging CareAware for vital signs capture: Device connectivity happens across the continuum of care. Within a Med-Surg unit at White Memorial Hospital, CareAware VitalsLink® improved average vital sign collections times by 41%. After implementing CareAware VitalsLink, the average time it took to collect vital signs dropped from an average of 3 minutes and 58 seconds down to 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Leveraging CareAware for patient engagement: After implementing CareAware myStation™, an interactive patient system, NCH Healthcare System saw significant improvements in patient satisfaction scores. Paul Clarke, Patient Experience Coordinator at NCH, stated satisfaction scores from the fourth quarter of 2012 were their highest scores in history. “The new technology…is more engaging for the patients. They are able to view necessary, important information just by the click of a button.”

These are just a few examples showing the positive impacts of CareAware solutions in a variety of health care venues and workflows. Contact us for more positive impact findings for these and other innovative solutions.


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